Whether you are in a shared host, private server, dedicated server or a cloud server. The prerequisites are git and composer to install in command line in SSH before using our project.

apt install git -y # private server, dedicated server or a cloud server..
wget https://getcomposer.org/download/2.4.3/composer.phar
chmod +x composer.phar
chown $USER:$USER composer.phar
nano ~/.bash_profile

alias composer="php /$USER/composer.phar" # PlanetHoster 
alias composer="php /$HOME/composer.phar" # OVH 

# Mac: Command+X & Y | Windows/Linux: Ctrl+X & Y
source ~/.bash_profile

# Add in schedule task
@reboot source ~/.bash_profile
@monthly composer self-update # latest auto composer PHP

# Shared hosting create a shell file
echo "source ~/.bash_profile && composer self-update" > update-composer.sh
40 6 * * 0 update-composer.sh # every weeks

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